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E33 The Hunger Games Page

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hunger_Games (summaries, character lists, overview, etc.)

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  1.   Gabby A Says:

    “The hunger games” by suzanne collins,talks about the life of a young girl, who volunteers to save her sister form going to “the hunger games”. the hunger games is a game palyed by 24 partisipants (tributes) who are forced to fight against each other in an arena, to choose the tributes there is a lottery to select two tributes from each district, unfortunately, the girl tribute chosen in district 12 (katniss district) was her younger sister Prim. Katniss Everdeen is the main character, she volunteers to save her sister from going to the hunger games. Katniss along with the boy tribute from her district, Peeta Mellark. Katniss and Peeta are train by haymicht abernathy

  2.   Daniela Ruiz Says:

    Katniss Everdeen
    -lives in panem in district 12 [poor]
    -16 years old
    -takes her sisters place in the games when she was chosen [primrose everdeen]
    -dark hair, olive skin, grey eyes
    -survives the hunger games with peeta

    Petta mellark
    -16 years old
    -also district 12but in the richer part
    -bakers son , blonde hair, blue eyes, very strong
    -saved katniss’s lifwe many times in the games and has a crush on her that he admits.

    Gale Hawthorne
    -katniss’s best friend/hunting partner
    -also has feelings for katniss

    Haymitch abernathy
    -mentor for katniss and petta
    -he won one of the games
    -hes traumatized and is bearly ever sober
    -guided petta and katniss throughout the game.

  3.   idelsy De los santos Says:

    Conflict #1

    Katniss and Gale have to go into the woods to get food because their families are so hungry. The Capitol forbids people to go into the woods. You will be punished if found.

  4.   Gabby A Says:

    Katniss is characterize as caring young girl, who risk her life to save her sister, prim, which is randomly chosen for the hunger games. Katniss always took care of her family.
    Gale is Katniss best friend, and hunting partner, he and katniss use to go to the meadow to get food for their families. Gale, just like Katniss, took care of his family, proving that he cares about them.

  5.   Daniela Ruiz Says:

    -The hunger Games occur as a punishment where kids from each district are anonymously chosen to participate in these games where they have to fight eachother to save their our lives
    -katniss takes her sisters place when she was chosen to be in the hunger games so she could be able to keep her safe
    -The bakers son, peeta was also included in the hunger games
    -Katniss and peeta meet the person who will be guiding them throughout the game, haymitch. When the games begin katniss uses her outside hunting skills to protect herself.
    -Katnis meets rue, a 11 year old who reminds her of her sister, when she dies katniss takes revenge of the person who killed her.
    -Katniss and peeta help eachother in the hunger games and end up playing a love scene towards the audience which katnis isn’t sure about. At the end of they games they were the last ones standing and they tried to commit suicide so that they game makers wouldn’t get away with what they wanted. The game makers at the end decided that they would allow both of them to win , if they wouldn’t have the game would have been ruined.

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